Genetic Testing

Deliver the next level of personalized healthcare

Learn about your patient’s unique genetic profile so you can deliver care uniquely tailored for them. Look at the complete picture or narrow in on specific disease-associated genes to find out whether your patients can benefit from early, preventative care from you. With access to our full suite of genetic panels, you can get the answers you need today to secure a better tomorrow for your patients.

Genetic Panels

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The benefits of genetic testing are boundless. With every new service we develop, we hope to help you build a healthier, smarter, and brighter future for yourself, your family, and your children.
Prenatal icon

Are you thinking of having a child?

Prenatal Screening
Gather all the best information you need to make the right choices on behalf of your new family. A prenatal test can identify whether your baby has a chance of being born with a genetic condition such as Down Syndrome, spina bifida, and many others so you can be better prepared.

Newborn icon

Have you just become a new parent?

Newborn Screening
Ensure your child has a healthy start from day one with a newborn test. Many diseases can be treated in their early stages, such as phenylketonuria, Maple Syrup Urine Disease, and many more. Take action as early as possible to safeguard your child’s future health.

Cancer icon

Monitor cancer status and tune therapies for more effective attack

Circulating Tumor Screening
Tumors can sometimes move from their original location to another organ by traveling in the bloodstream, making it difficult to track disease status using biopsies alone. Track metastatic risk over time with less invasive circulating tumor screenings. Deliver the appropriate therapies to improve your patient’s long-term prognosis and quality of life.