The GenomeOne Genetic Test

Know your genes. Know how to be a healthier you.
Discover valuable insights from your DNA and learn how you can maximize your health with our GenomeOne genetic test. Submit your saliva sample once and access comprehensive and personalized health reports that are kept-up-to-date for your whole life.

Build your perfect plan

Base Package

medicine response

ancestry and traits

disease risk factors


inherited conditions

non-inherited conditions

cancer screening

Our GenomeOne base package includes Medicine Response, Ancestry and Traits, and Disease Risks. Add Inherited Genetic Disorders, Non-inherited Genetic Disorders, and/or Cancer Screening to your base package for more insight into your health. Empower yourself with the tools you need to build a happier, healthier, and brighter future.
Genetic Counsellors

Talk to our genetic counselors

Every genetic testing service we offer comes with consultation opportunities with our in-house genetic counselors. They will support you as you learn more about your results, providing you with the resources, answers, and recommendations you need to build a plan of action.
Manage Health

Manage your health

Every GenomeOne results package comes with health management solutions precisely tailored for you. Whether it's recommendations to change your medication, avoid certain foods, or speak to your doctor about early monitoring, we'll make sure you have the most complete story to help inform your decisions.
GenomeMe App

Take us with you whenever, wherever

Our GenomeOne App makes it easier to bring your health profile with you wherever you go. Share your information with your doctor at the clinic, your trainer at the gym, your dietitian at the office—anywhere. Refer to your health data to make daily lifestyle choices that may make a difference to your overall health and well-being.