Screen your patients for HPV 16, HPV 18, and a pool of 12 other high risk HPV subtypes with our GeneNav™ HPV One qPCR Kit. This simple one-tube system is designed for quick and accurate initial screening of patients who are HPV positive from those who are HPV negative so that you may identify those who require continuous monitoring.


Rapid and precise analysis - From collected samples to results in less than 2hr


Quick and easy setup procedure - 20min of hands on time for evaluating 96 patient samples


No need for purchasing equipment - compatible with all current qPCR platforms (4 Fluorescent Channels)


Quality by Design - Flag samples with low cellularity through β-Actin internal control reducing false negative results

HPV One qPCR Kit

SKU: E114
  • The GeneNav™ HPV One qPCR Kit is designed for quick initial screening of individuals for the presence of all 14 High Risk human papilloma virus (HPV) subtypes allowing physicians to identify those at risk for cervical cancer. This in vitro diagnostic kit allows for the specific detection and discrimination between HPV 16, HPV 18, and nonspecific pooled detection of the other 12 high risk HPV subtypes (HPV 31, HPV 33, HPV 35, HPV 39, HPV 45, HPV 51, HPV 52, HPV 56, HPV 58, HPV 59, HPV 66, and HPV 68). A human β-Actin internal control is also used in the GeneNav™ HPV One qPCR Kit to assess specimen quality and ensure the reliability of the HPV detection results.

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