Napsin A is a pepsin-like aspartic proteinase, closely related to Napsin B, expressed mainly in the lung and kidney and which is involved in the correct folding, targeting, and control of aspartic proteinase zymogens. Napsin A expression has been indicated in type II pneumocytes and adenocarcinomas of the lung and kidney. Anti-Napsin A is also useful for differentiating between primary lung adenocarcinomas and adenocarcinomas of other organs, due to the high specificity expression of Napsin A in adenocarcinomas of the lung.

Napsin A

  • Available Formats:

    0.1 ml Concentrate - IHC635-100

    1.0 ml Concentrate - IHC635-1

    7.0 ml Pre-Dilute - IHC635-7




    Source Mouse Monoclonal
    Positive Control Lung Adenocarcinoma, Kidney, Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Dilution Range 1:50-1:200


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