Our Vision

A Healthy Life Starts With a Simple Formula:

Health = Genetics (X) + Environmental Factors (Y)

Once we know our genetic factors (X), we have better control over our environmental factors (Y). GenomeOne™, the ultimate single genetic test for X, is the first step towards living a healthier lifestyle.

It’s easy to quantify the material possessions we inherit from our parents, but what about our genetic inheritance? Until recently technology has limited our understanding of the human genome. Now new breakthroughs in DNA sequencing have given us unparalleled access to our complete genetic information.

Every one of us shares more than 99% of our genomes with each other. The remaining one percent difference accounts for a maximum of 5 million base pairs (bps) and makes each of us unique individuals. Our physical appearance, intelligence, personality, and health are determined by variations in this minute region of our genome. GenomeOne™ test examines your genome for the unique 5 million bps that make you different from people around you. Similar to a blood type test, GenomeOne™’s results will allow for a more informed clinical visit and lifestyle plan for your entire lifetime. Why wait?