We are the vanguard of a revolution towards precision healthcare

GenomeMe is at the forefront of a movement to make Precision Medicine a new paradigm for healthcare. Our genetic tests and diagnostic kits enable physicians to peer deep into the unique origins of health and disease within each of their patients, radically customizing the healthcare they can deliver.

We are at the dawn of a new, genome-empowered era. Join us at the start of this bright new age and make the future of precision medicine begin today.

Our facility

Our newly renovated facility is CAN/CSA ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 certified. We are currently in the process of acquiring certification by CAP (College of American Pathologists), and DAP (Diagnostic Accreditation Program) to bring the highest standards of safety and quality to every product and service we offer no matter where in the world you are.

Our technology

We use the most powerful DNA sequencing and quantification technologies currently on the market to develop products and services to make tomorrow’s healthcare solutions available today.

qPCR Technology

We use qPCR technology to zero in on pathogens and single gene mutations. The qPCR platform is our strategy for HPV detection and the technology behind many of the kits currently in our pipeline for other major infectious diseases such as Brucella bacteria and Norovirus detection.

Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing technology reads billions of DNA strands simultaneously, making it so powerful it can read your entire genetic story in just a few days. This revolutionary technology allows our GenomeOne genetic test to be more affordable and rapid than ever before.

Digital PCR

We use digital PCR to simultaneously decipher multiple genes behind complex conditions. With digital PCR, we can detect subtleties in genetics that are hidden by noisy data, allowing us to develop screening kits that can detect circulating tumor DNA and other complex diseases.

Sanger Sequencing

Sanger sequencing is the gold standard of DNA sequencing and we use this platform to deconstruct multiple mutations in a single gene. Sanger sequencing is the foundation for our tuberculosis, HBV, and HIV drug resistance diagnostic kits.