Actin, Muscle Specific

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Actin is part of the cytoskeletal system of every cell type. It can be classified based on isoelectric points as alpha, beta, and gamma. Muscle Specific Actin includes those of the alpha and gamma isotypes. Skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle cells will all stain positively with Anti-Muscle specific actin, but mesenchymal cells, not including myoepithelium, will stain negatively. Normal and neoplastic non-muscle cells, including vascular endothelial and connective tissues, carcinomas, melanomas, and lymphomas, will also be negative for Muscle specific actin. The use of Anti-muscle specific actin in concert with Anti-smooth muscle actin can allow for differentiation between rhabdomyosarcoma and leiomyosarcoma, as Muscle specific actin is found in rhabdomyoblasts, while smooth muscle actin is found in leiomyosarcomas.
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Clone IHC505
Source Mouse Monoclonal
Positive Control Skeletal Muscle
Dilution Range 1:50-1:200