NF Kappa B/p50

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NF Kappa B/p50 or NFκB1, also known as p50, is one of five transcription factors belonging to the Nuclear Factor-κB (NFκB) family, which are involved in a number of physiological and pathological processes such as inflammatory and immune response, as well as cellular proliferation, differentiation, survival, and apoptosis. p50 has been specifically linked to transcription of IL-10, and is unique in that it lacks a transactivation domain. Overexpression of NF Kappa B/p50has been associated with lipopolysaccharide tolerance in human monocytes, thereby blocking tumor necrosis factor gene expression, and increased expression of nuclear p50 is also correlated with chemoresistance and the prognosis of serous epithelial ovarian cancer. Polymorphisms in NFκB1 have been clinically linked to increased susceptibility to coronary artery disease.
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Clone IHC050
Source Mouse Monoclonal
Positive Control Testes
Dilution Range 1:50-1:200