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T-bet is a transcription factor present in CD4+ T-cells. Anti-T-bet stains mature T-lymphocytes, but is scarcely present in T helper cells. Nuclear staining is observed in the interfollicular T-cell zone of reactive lymphoid tissue (tonsil, lymph node, and spleen) and absent in germinal centers or mantle or marginal zones. Anti-T-bet also stains certain B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders, such as precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia and lymphoblastic lymphoma, and B-cell neoplasms from mature B-cells, marginal zone lymphoma, and hairy cell leukemia. Anti-T-bet is useful for identifying B-cell and T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders, as it does not stain B-cell neoplasms from the pre-germinal center or germinal center B-cells, such as mantle cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, and Burkitt lymphoma.
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Clone IHC670
Source Mouse Monoclonal
Positive Control Tonsil, Hairy Cell Leukemia
Dilution Range 1:100 - 1:400