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The p16 (p16INK4A) protein is a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor that plays an important regulatory role in the cell cycle. By controlling the transition between the G1 and S phases through regulation of retinoblastoma protein, p16 decelerates cellular differentiation and therefore acts as a tumor suppressor, making it the key marker in several human cancers including head and neck cancer, perianal lesions, melanomas, gliomas, lymphomas, and some types of leukemia. p16 is also clinically indicated in carcinomas of the esophagus, pancreas, lung, biliary tract, liver, colon, and urinary bladder.
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Clone IHC116
Source Mouse Monoclonal
Positive Control Cervical Cancer, Normal Pancreas, Normal Tonsil
Dilution Range 1:100 - 1:400